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Detailed examination at regular intervals is the first step to improve the energy efficiency of compressed air systems. The focus is on the exact air volume, safe quality, reliable FAD, and reasonably priced generation of compressed air. It is the objective of BOGE to evaluate all fields concerned including generation, and treatment of compressed air as well as process control. By evaluating all areas you can detect any possible source of defect, from production processes to be corrected to leakages to be remedied. Leakages tend to cause the highest energy costs, and can in most cases be stopped by simple immediate measures. Make sure to carry out regular inspections and eventual corrections, and the expected savings will be visible on the energy bills before long. BOGE recommends carrying out the following tests:

  • Consumption test
    - for consumption evaluation
  • Dew point control
    - for long term quality assurance
  • Vibration control
    - for prevention of expensive idle operation
  • Leakage test
    - for effective cost reduction
  • Sound test
    - for minimisation of sound level
  • Oil check
    - for fast and cost effective quality check
  • TAN check
    - for determination of the compressor oil TAN value by means of a shake test

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